World Famous Wood-Burning Barbecue Pits

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Model 1100
The model 1100 Bewley barbecue pit comes in 11’ and 12’ lengths for restaurants that demand quality and consistency in large volume. This pit is made with a cast external firebox. It is thermostatically controlled and fully insulated to reduce external heat. This allows the temperature to be set and controlled for proper cooking overnight or anytime, without worrying about gas burners. Yet, the wood-only burning firebox delivers authentic melt-in-your-mouth smoke flavor to each piece of meat. It too is constructed of carbon steel or can be special-ordered to be made out of stainless steel, featuring the same easy access to all racks and products. It is cost efficient, operating on approximately a cord and a half of wood per month, while cooking seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Model 800
The model 800 Bewley barbecue pit comes in a 7’ or 8’ length and is custom-made for smaller restaurants and caterers with limited space. This wood-burning pit comes with an internal firebox, delivering heat and temperature through the flue system, which gives you that great wood-smoked flavor. The pit is thermostatically controlled and fully insulated. It operates on approximately a cord of wood per month. It is handcrafted from durable carbon steel with a flat black finish and features large, easy-to-open doors for maximum access to all three flat racks and each rib, chicken, brisket, or ham.

Model 800 Barbecue Pit

The cooking capacity is approximately:

25 – 12 lb. briskets
4 – 30 lb. case of ribs
100 whole chickens
30 – 8 lb. pork butts

Model 1100 Barbecue Pit

The cooking capacity is:

45 – 12 lb. briskets
6 – 30 lb. case of ribs
150 whole chickens
50 – 8 lb. pork butts

Rotary Pit
The rotary barbecue pit is offered for restaurants that prefer a rotisserie style of cooking, but want that same great, real, wood-smoked flavor. It delivers heat and smoke through our same basic firebox and flue system, while rotating the racks with a drive motor and chain for even cooking and a juicy result. This pit is also thermostatically controlled, insulated and constructed of the same high quality carbon steel as our parent models. The cooking capacity is approximately 700 lbs. of meat.

Rotary Pit

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